Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Financial Darwinism is Born Again Social Darwinism

How We Got Swindled by Wall Street Godfathers, Greed and Financial Darwinism now has a foreword written by David Satterfield, who has 2 Pulitzers and formerly was the Business Editor of the Miami Herald. In the foreword Satterfield points out that Financial Darwinism means - "survival of the richest," and you should remember the social variety was "survival of the fitest," according to Herbert Spencer the 19th century Brit philosopher who provided this core ethic which led to the Great Depression.

For the past 30 years survival of the richest the core ethic of Financial Darwinism has been the driving force behind the deregulation of greed and the devaluation of ethics. And at the same time the ultra rich have created a support group of lobbotomized pawns culminating in the Tea Party (and a host of other Republicans) - who signed a pledge of allegiance to Norquist and have placed their pledge to him above their pledge of allegiance to the United States. So all the "Pledgers are even against raising taxes for incomes above $500,000 and apparently regard removing subsidies for big oil as raising taxes. Let's try to remember taxes are also revenue, and when so many jobs have vanished, many of them due to the survival of the richest ethic, tax from income is down and committments continue.

There is, of course a way to decrease expenses - like unnecessary wars, and even unresponsive government programs, in addition to waste. But when middle class income has been flat for so many years and CEO income has geometrically gone through the roof there are glaring inequalities that have been manipulated into existence by the war being conducted by Financial Darwinists against the middle and upper middle class.

So the conversation is now all about the deficit, and not how to grow jobs and the economy. And Americans do not really understand how we arrived at this point in time, because many have allowed themselves into being fooled that deregulation was to get the government off their back - nuts, because it gave the Financial Darwinists the freedom to operate without any restrictions to greed.

Free market economics is back, which is one of the basic lies behind our financial devastion. Freddie and Fannie have been identified as the root cause of the 2008 meltdown, and "important" new books continue to focus on only a part of the whole. But none of the legitimate books contain the whole truth; and the not so legitimate books get published to appeal to Financial Darwinists and their pawns on the radical, finatical right. And the whole truth must be known and understood before we can move forward to properly correct the present to be on a more stable and fair path in the future.

It is so much easier to single out specific culprits as the root cause, but without an understanding of all the parts which add up to the whole of how we got swindled and are still getting our economy and society will not recover from decades of the undeclared war against most of us. And this war has been ratified by Congress because Congress voted a number of times to deregulate greed - and to decrease taxes unfairly; and to allow enormously profitable corporations to avoid being taxed; and to allow religion to seep into the state; and to support the withdrawal of support for public education, etc.

Republicans today are not Rockefeller, Eisenhower, or even Nixon. They are hell bent on getting their own way at the expence of the public good. When Swindled becomes available it will provide the missing link between public awareness and the understanding of why and how we reached this chasm of lies and self interest. If we really want to fix what has been so wrong we must begin by recognizing how we are at war.