Friday, August 14, 2009

New book

I have just completed writing my new book, after almost seven months of research to sharpen my focus - in addition to 40 years of successful experience in the securities business. I did not want to write an opinion book without including the substance of impirical evidence which leads to objective conclusions. My goal was not to write an easy read or leave out the history underlying the tear down of firewalls ("deregulation") - which were barriers established in the aftermath of the Great Depression to protect the public from unbridled greed. My book starts with Herbert Spencer's "survival of the fittest" Social Darwinism of the 1880's - and makes the case for why Financial Darwinism is the root cause of our financial tragedy. It is not a simple snapshot of one or two causal factors. Swindled provides readers with an insider's evaluation and view of the context and substance of all the culprits and fundamental issues necessary to consider to acheive a functional understanding of the greatest swindle of American taxpayors since the 30"s.
My first book, which The Miami Herald said was a "Zen Guide To Aviod Getting Hosed," is now available again at B&N on line - because B&N believed what I said to protect investors in 1990 is equally valid today. Visit my website,, to find out what Invest for Success, How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Real Estate Partnerships, the Stock Market and Diversification was about. Today we are alive in a time that has devalued ethics and deregulated greed. In the future I will share additional (insider) insights from my new book, insights which have been hidden from the public; for example, how can anyone sell a security which is described as "too complex to explain" when, based on SEC and FED regulations, it is illegal to sell a security which cannot be fully explained? Swindled cites pertinent regs. When you see this you will be outraged! Think about how the Market is Rational postulate underlies the failed economic theories from the Chicago School of free and effective self-correction - the Market is comprised of human beings, and in fact, is an Emotional Bandwagon.
I have had trouble obtaining a publisher for a vehement accurate book, by an outraged author, which objectively blows the whistle on all the culprits. So I am open to help. In the future I will share with you more of why Swindled provides the most objective and profound overview of what has gone so wrong and how to proceed forward on a more certain and symbiotic path to participate in a more stable and fair financial world. I will also discuss what is strangely missing from health insurance considerations, and other political failings.
My blog will be about unvarnished, even politically incorrect, objective truth, because I believe many of my fellow Americans are hungry for the truth - but probably not the "birthers," or those who prefer standing up for the best interests of monpolistic health carriers instead of their fellow Americans.

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