Sunday, September 4, 2011


Republicans have declared war on the United States Government, and campaign against the government as the enemy. Today all the Republicans who have declared they are running for the presidency agree that the new financial regulations need to be removed; that the modicum of health "reform" must be overturned; social security should be privatized; and that corporate taxes should be lowered and taxes on the uber riche should not be raised.

The financial reform did not happen; the health reform stopped far short of what it ought to be; if social security  (which is not an entitlement because we pay for it out of our income) had been privatized it would have been ravaged by the Wall Street meltdown; corporate taxes as a percentage of GNP are at the lowest level since 1947 - and it is self evident that the Financial Darwinists must pay a fairer share of taxes!

Americans need to wake up and get involved with searching for and identifying the fact of Financial Darwinism - which means the survival of the richest.

Our media needs to stop providing a platform for people who want to argue the world is flat, and start asking pointedly tough questions following up all the ludicrous stuff that the self interested spout off on their news shows. Too much talk about the contest and not much on whether a runner can or should run the country. Politics might be fun for the media to analyze ad nauseum, but it has been a lethal passtime at the expense of our society.

 The media needs to stop being an enabler and remember it is supposed to objectively promote the creation of objective and informed public opinion. And this does not happen when an economist supports more deregulation, like this morning on Meet the Press! Both sides is the Fox Views equation of R. Murdock - not the obligation of The Fourth Estate!

Walter  Cronkite did not come back from Viet Nam to tell  his fellow Americans how wrong the war was, and then have a distorted defense of the war from a self interested general trying to salvage his job and reputation on the CBS evening news to provide balance. The networks are no longer independant enough to allow blunt political and economic truths on network evening news. NBC does allow it on cable, so deserves credit.

So, although Jefferson said the role of government is to protect the public - all the right wing nuts who are so concerned about the US Constitution  do not care what the guy thought who wrote it! And they  talk about Reagan like he did not increase the size of government as if he walked on water and is still as much alive as Elvis. Ask his son, who is an extremely objective and vehement about the truth commentator.

Regulations are to protect the public good, and our economy and society have gone down the tubes of all the deregulation.

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