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Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement a Step in Evolution of American Identity

“I'm glad to see this in the business section, and this is a very good article. It is time the President recognized the world has changed. My grown daughters and son who is a neuro radiologist have helped me become a firm supporter of marriage equality, and sexual preference equality.

Equality for love should now be followed by equality for economic justice - which means putting the sociopathic greed of Wall Street Banks back into the carefully constructed cage of Glass-Steagall and the 1956 Banks Holding Co Act. Then apply the Sherman Act to ologopolistic/monopolistic health carriers; and correct the idea that is OK for many profitable big businesses to park profits and ship jobs offshore.

A majority of Americans is now better informed about the fact that marriage inequality is not fair. When Americans understand the root cause of this depression and vast chasm of economic inequality is the return of Social Darwinism metastasized into Financial Darwinism with the ethic of survival of the richest - we will be on a path to economic fairness.

To fix our society we need to establish a Doctrine of Fairness which extends to economic needs and wants. So we must protest against Financial Darwinism. The past is prologue - and the present provides exhaustive empirical evidence that the survival of the richest ethic controls Congress; motivates Wall St; interferes with regulators intervening, with our court system, and with the objectivity of the Fourth Estate.

To be better informed:”

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